When a battery acid spill occurs, the general Industry practice is to use an absorbent product to neutralize and absorb battery acid. However, absorbent products leave behind active battery acid in the pores and cracks of a floor. The white chalky marks that remain after an absorbing product is used indicate active battery acid. Battery acid left behind can start etching small holes in the cement and, in time, the floor will need to be replaced. To remove the white chalky marks, use NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer. Because it is a liquid, it will seep into the pores and cracks of the cement and neutralize the remainder of the battery acid that absorbents leave behind. North American Bioindustries’ NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer contains 100% active neutralizing ingredients and serves as a multifunctional product for floor spills, battery leaks, tough to neutralize areas and situations and battery wash systems. A pH of 2:12 is generally the standard municipal water discharge range. NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer is a buffered source of alkalinity with a pH of approximately 9:12. Caustic soda is frequently used unknowingly for maintenance in battery wash systems and may cause physical damage to the plastic/rubber casing of the battery. When overused, caustic soda may create a byproduct with a pH of greater than 12. Always use NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer – a environmentally safe liquid that gets ALL of a battery acid spill cleaned up!

Once the battery acid is completely neutralized with NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer, use NAB Citrus Cleaner in a floor scrubber or bucket with a mop to clean the floor.