NAB Black Streak and Tire Mark Remover was designed specifically for industrial use in hard-to-clean situations, is specifically formulated not to damage floors and comes ready to use. It is an effective way to remove black streaks and tire marks and other heavily soiled and stubborn areas on epoxy-coated concrete floors caused by forklift traffic and truck traffic in your facility. Our environmentally friendly product was specifically designed for this purpose. NAB Black Streak and Tire Mark Remover is great at cleaning heavy traffic areas and is extremely effective at removing tough debris, while being gentle on floors. The product contains no solvents, but yet has aggressive cleaning capabilities. Immediately on application it begins to soften tire residue. You can simply manually scrub with a brush or use a bucket and mop. For larger areas a floor scrubber can be used. Test in an inconspicuous area before using. NAB Black Streak and Tire Mark Remover can also be used as a spot treatment, prior to applying one of our NAB All Purpose Degreaser/Floor Scrubs for a more complete floor cleaning. It can also be safely used in removing black streaks on RVs, buses, boats, semi-trucks, etc. Residential customers should note that epoxy staining on garage floors is not removable by any product we are aware of. The technical explanation is this: the tire companies put plasticizers in their tires to make the rubber softer. There is an ionic transfer of the plasticizers to the epoxy. The migration of atoms linking to the epoxy is accelerated by high tire temperatures. This can cause staining that becomes embedded into the epoxy. We would suggest parking your vehicle outside the garage for a short time to cool your tires down before parking it in the garage on the epoxy. Our product removes rubber marking or streaking and tough debris–not stains. NAB Black Streak and Tire Mark Remover is a must-have product for anyone who has heavy forklift and truck traffic. Get your loading docks and high traffic areas looking like new!