Keep your golf cart fleet running smoothly throughout the golf season by stocking up now on NAB’s Battery Acid Cleaner & Neutralizer!

Make Your Cart Fleet Batteries Last Longer! NAB’s environmentally-friendly and unique Battery Acid Cleaner & Neutralizer has been the #1 CHOICE * of golf maintenance and grounds professionals since 1992.

NAB’s Battery Acid Cleaner & Neutralizer indicates when acid is present on battery surfaces with a simple color change. It cleans and neutralizes golf cart batteries, removes dirt, oil and electrolytes — all in one step! It also removes corrosion from terminals, connectors and trays and is safer than using baking soda or alcohol products. It can be used as part of routine maintenance to achieve optimal performance and extend the life of your fleet of batteries.

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* Featured in’s “Product Watch” April, 2009.