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NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer


NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer — Gallon, Pail, Quart — picture-image

NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer — Gallon, Pail, Quart

NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer contains 100% active neutralizing ingredients and serves as a multifunctional product for floor spills, battery leaks, tough to neutralize areas and situations, as well as battery wash systems. Our battery acid neutralizer is an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous liquid, and contains a combination of fairly innocuous basic materials that will effectively neutralize battery acid at a ratio of approximately 1 to 2. The neutralizer and acid react to produce a common water-soluble salt. The materials produced will not harm the areas in contact or the environment.


How is NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer used? On an acid spill, leak or any tough-to-neutralize application, slowly pour or spray NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer onto the acid. Continually check the pH and add product until desired pH is met. (Check with your local municipality before disposing any byproduct down the drain.)

The Liquid Advantage

What is the advantage of using a liquid acid neutralizer? When a large spill occurs, the general industry practice is to use an absorbent product to neutralize and absorb battery acid. However, it should be known that absorbent products leave behind active battery acid in the pores and cracks of a floor. The white chalky marks that remain after an absorbing product is used indicate that active battery acid is present. Battery acid left behind can start etching small holes in the cement, and, in time, the floor will need to be replaced. Because our battery acid neutralizer is a liquid it can seep into pores and cracks and neutralize battery acid that absorbents leave behind.

Cleaning Up

What is best for cleaning floors after battery acid is neutralized? Once the battery acid is completely neutralized, use our NAB Citrus Cleaner in a floor scrubber or bucket with a mop to clean the floor. Add about 6 oz. of regular citrus concentrate per gallon of water. Use a mop, power washer or floor scrubber to clean up neutralized battery acid on floors.

Handle Batteries With Care

Why should caution be exercised with battery acid? Battery acid is a major health hazard according to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) because of its highly corrosive characteristics. Spills and leaks are never planned but do happen even when all the necessary precautions are taken. To minimize leaks and spills, always handle batteries with care and have documentation of the preventative maintenance records. Use proper personal protective equipment (PPE), set batteries down gently and use a battery gripper to transport batteries. Keep all battery features and accessories in proper working condition.

Product Sheet

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Battery Maintenance

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— STEP 2: Battery Acid Neutralizing.

Battery and Battery Acid Maintenance Program

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Available Sizes

Size Price Buy
6 oz. Sample $3.95
32 oz. Bottle $11.95
1 gal. Bottle $19.95
4×32 oz. Case $29.95
4×1 gal. Case $54.95
5 gal. Pail $65.95
30 gal. Drum $345.95 Call*
55 gal. Drum $565.95 Call*
275 gal. Tote $2,605.95 Call*

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Why It Is a Smart Idea to Use NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer:

NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer will remove the white chalky marks left by the active battery acid. Because it is a liquid, it will seep into the pores and cracks of the cement and neutralize the battery acid that absorbents leave behind. This eco-friendly neutralizer is a buffered source of alkalinity with a pH of approximately 9:12. Caustic soda is frequently used in battery wash systems, but using it may cause physical damage to the plastic/rubber casing of the battery. When overused, caustic soda may create a byproduct with a pH of greater than 12.

It is always smart to use our eco-friendly, NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer for floor spills, battery leaks and tough to neutralize areas and situations. It is safe to use in battery wash systems as well. Your operational and plant floor safety is important. NAB products help provide a safe and secure working area that helps keep production on schedule and employees productive.

Use NAB Battery Acid Neutralizer After:

  • Floor Spills
  • Battery Leaks in Buses, Cars, Fork Lifts, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, RVs, Trucks